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Spare Parts

Van Aalst Bulk Handling offers spare parts for all our pneumatic bulk handling equipment as well as for equipment not delivered by Van Aalst Bulk Handling.

Original spare parts for peak performance

Replace your worn out or damaged parts with original spare parts from Van Aalst Bulk Handling. Our original spare parts have been selected with care and have a proven track record of decades of succesful operation in hundreds of pneumatic bulk handling systems worldwide. Original spare parts by Van Aalst will produce the best results for your operation.

Spare parts on stock: delivery time = shipping time!

Van Aalst Bulk Handling has a wide variety of parts in stock, ready to be shipped upon order. In case of unexpected breakdown of parts Van Aalst can offer replacement parts at record speed, minimizing unplanned down time. A non-exhaustive list of spare parts we have on stock:

  • Butterfly valves and check valves, in all sizes
  • Pinch valves, pinch valve sleeves and bellows
  • Filter cartridges
  • Vacuum pump starting strainers and inlet filters
  • Level testers and dust detectors
  • Flexible sleeves
  • Solenoids and pulse valves
  • Suction nozzle parts

In need of spare parts?

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