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All you need to know about our products

Bulk handling equipment

Bulk handling equipment for dusty abrasive products

Ship loading systems

Ship loading systems from 200 up to 2,000 tons per hour

We deliver all equipment for fixed and mobile ship loading terminals. Van Aalst Bulk Handling designed all our products for your specific situation an...

Road mobile ship unloaders

Road mobile ship unloaders from 50 tons per hour

The road mobile ship unloader offers maximal flexibility and can serve more than one terminal at minimal cost level. Ships up to 5,000 dwt can be unlo...

Pneumatic ship unloaders

Pneumatic ship unloaders with high capacity

We deliver all you need for high capacity ship unloading terminals for dust free unloading of big ships, with capacities of up to 1,000 tons per hour....

Van Aalst Bulkhandling

Van Aalst Bulkhandling delivers it all

Systems with single or double bulk truck loading from 100 up to 300 tons per hour, mobile or stationary. Optional in combination with weighing bridges...