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Pneumatic Unloading & Conveying Performance Studies

Are you looking to increase the performance of your pneumatic bulk handling installation? Van Aalst Bulk handling provides world class pneumatic unloading and conveying performance studies to ensure your terminal or plant will perform at peak level.

Is your pneumatic unloading/conveying system operating at maximum efficiency?

Having your pneumatic bulk equipment operate at maximum efficiency is vital in todays competitive environment. With decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and operating pneumatic bulk handling installations we are well equipped to evaluate the condition and efficiency of any pneumatic installation you have. Our highly qualified engineers will analyse your equipment based on the following performance indicators:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Operator
  • Any upstream or downstream process that impacts your equipment

A pneumatic conveying performance study will include a detailed report that provides insights into:

  • Bottlenecks that negatively impact the performance of your system
  • Solutions to mitigate or take away those bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for best maintenance practices and lifecycle improvement of your installation
  • Upgrade suggestions that will increase performance of your equipment 


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