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Silos for Dragon Alfa - UK

Two bolted steel flat bottom silos with aerated reclaim floor and truck loading station were delivered for Dragon Alfa, UK.

The bolted steel silos each have a storage capacity of 5.000 tons. The silos have a diameter of 13 meter and a height of 32.5 meter. The silos are fitted with a 100% areated reclaim floor, guaranteeing a reclaim rate of 99%. The silos are filled by a Van Aalst pneumatic ship unloader. Each silo has its own truck loading system that is fed directly from the silo. The silo reclaim system can also feed a 600 ton day silo and a seperate truck loading station.

System data:

  • Silo capacity: 5.000 tons ea.
  • Silo diameter: 13 m
  • Silo infeed capacity: 300 mtph
  • Silo outfeed capacity: 100 mtph