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Innovative silo reclaim system and convey unit for Fresh Cement - Bangladesh

Van Aalst supplied an innovative reclaim and conveying system that includes 3 aerated reclaim floors for 3 flat bottom silos and a convey unit for Fresh Cement, Bangladesh.

Innovation is always at the forefront within Van Aalst. This project is a beautiful example of how innovation drives us forward. Our client Fresh Cement wanted to convey fly ash from multiple storage silos to 5 different mills and a silo spread around their cement plant. Van Aalst came up with an innovative solution to fullfill Fresh Cement's in-plant dry bulk transfer requirements.

Reclaim and conveying system design for Fresh Cement

The 3 silos are fitted with aerated reclaim floors designed by Van Aalst. The reclaim floor fluidizes the fly ash for smooth reclaim with minimal energy demand. The 3 silos are connected to 2 suction bins by air slides. A convey unit uses a vacuum conveying process to transfer the fly ash from the suction bins to the filter receiver on the convey unit. From the filter receiver 2 transfer kettles are filled. The convey unit pneumatically conveys the fly ash from the transfer kettles to several mills and a silo around the cement plant using a dense phase positive pressure system.

System data:

  • No. of feed points: 3
  • No. of reception points: 6
  • Design reclaim & conveying capacity:100 mtph

Reclaim floor data:

  • Type: 100% areated floor with single side discharge
  • Reclaim floor diameter: (2x) 12m, (1x) 10m
  • Reclaim design capacity: 100 mtph per reclaim floor

Convey unit data:

  • Type: VACU/100/E
  • Convey length: max. 700 m
  • Conveying design capacity: 100 mtph