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Ship unloader for Beton Provincial - Canada

Van Aalst supplied a high capacity barge mounted ship unloader for Beton Provincial to serve their two import terminals in Quebec, Canada.

The pneumatic ship unloader is designed to handle cement. The ship unloader is barge mounted in order to cope with the large local tidal differences and has the ability to transfer between terminals by water. The ship unloader is fitted with a 5-kettle system consisting of a filter receiver and 4 transfer kettles, ensuring continuous discharge of cement. The system is electric driven. A high voltage power supply is connected to the ship unloader via a cable reel mounted on the ship unloader. A transformer converts the high voltage to medium and low voltage for the on-board consumers.

Ship unloader data:

  • Type: VASS/55.000/600E
  • Ship size: 55.000 dwt
  • Convey length: 260 m max.
  • Design capacity: 600 mtph