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Ship unloader and convey unit for Shah Cement - Bangladesh

Van Aalst Bulk Handling successfully delivered and commissioned a ship unloader and convey unit for Shah Cement, Bangladesh and far exceeded the performance targets.

The pneumatic ship unloader and convey unit are designed to handle fly ash. Both units are built to cope with the hot and humid conditions in Bangladesh. The ship unloader and convey unit both exceeded the required performance targets by a wide margin.

The ship unloader is stationary and placed on a jetty at the riverfront. The unloader is fitted with a 3-kettle system consisting of 1 filter receiver and 2 transfer kettles, ensuring a near continuous discharge process. The ship unloader unloads typical Bangladeshi river ships and conveys the fly ash to a silo.

The convey unit is placed underneath a silo and receives product via an airslide in its reception hopper. From the reception hopper 2 transfer kettles are filled. The convey unit pneumatically conveys fly ash to several mills around the cement plant.

Ship unloader data:

  • Type: VASS/1.200/230/E
  • Ship size: 1.200 dwt
  • Convey length: 100 m
  • Design capacity: 230 mtph
  • Performance test capacity: 280 mtph

Convey unit data:

  • Type: VACU/150/E
  • Convey length: 560 m
  • Design capacity: 150 mtph
  • Performance test capacity: 265 mtph