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Road mobile ship unloader in Russia

The road-mobile ship unloader with an unloading capacity of 225 ton per hour, was primarily chosen because of its compact structure which allows it to be transported by road between ports throughout Russia and Europe, with hardly any disassembly work. Hook-up and temporary dismantling of the suction arm (for road transport) can be performed by the unit itself, without the need for any assistance in the various ports. All disassembled arm sections can be stored on the trailer during transport.

The pneumatic ship unloader for cement by Van Aalst Bulk Handling performs 2 jobs at the same time; unloading of the ship and conveying of the unloaded cement to a silo or storage facility. These two systems are integrated together on 1 road-legal trailer, that can travel throughout Europe without the need for special permits (see technical characteristics below). 

The design capacity of this road-mobile unloader is 225 ton per hour, with a conveying distance of 80 metres from ship unloader to storage silo, incl. various bends. 

During the commissioning test at the customers site, the cement was successfully conveyed over a distance of 150 metres with a small number of wide-radius bends. Even with this remarkable performance, the combined cycle of unloading + conveying demands ‘just’ 450kW power from its compact diesel engine. Another big advantage of a pneumatic ship unloader is that it works with vacuum technology, which sucks away all the dust from the ships hold, together with the cement. With the help of a small front-end loader (type Bobcat) the manipulator arm of the road-mobile unit can reach and clean any corner of the hold of bulk carriers of 5.000dwt. Van Aalst Bulk Handling road-mobile ship unloader for cement, type VASS/5.000/225/D Dimensions of the unit (l x w x h): 13.000 x 2.500 x 4.000 mm, truck not included. Weight: 35.000 kg.