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Panama's floating terminal

Changuinola Civil Works JV has established a floating cement terminal in the Changuinola River, Panama, specifically designed to ensure a constant supply of cement and fly ash for the construction of a new dam. Van Aalst Bulk Handling was awarded the contract for the terminal’s ship unloader.

Cahnguinola Civil Works JV is the contractor for a 214MW hydroelectric facility 200 miles northwest of Panama City. For this power plant situated in the province of Bocas del Toro, a large concrete dam needs to be erected in the Changuinola River. To receive cement and fly ash for this dam, Changuinola Civil Works had converted a large barge into a floating terminal. The main reason the company decided to opt for a floating cement terminal was because of the lack of available space in the Port of Almirante to store large qualities of cement and fly ash.