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Cement loading terminal - Pakistan

For Lucky Cement Pakistan we supplied a cement loading terminal consisting of four flat bottom bolted steel silos, tipper truck unloading station, reclaim system and a ship loader.


The bolted steel silos each have a storage capacity of 5.000 tons. The silos have a diameter of 13 meter and a height of 32.5 meter. The silos are fitted with a 100% areated reclaim floor, guaranteeing a reclaim rate of 99%.


The silos are fed by tipper trucks through a tipper truck unloading station. The cement from the tipper trucks is unloaded into a feed hopper and pneumatically conveyed to a central convey unit by vacuum conveying. The convey unit subsequently discharges the cement to the individual silos by positive pressure conveying.


Each silo is fitted with an aerated reclaim floor for smooth reclaim with minimal energy demand. The cement in the silos is aerated and fluidized by the reclaim floor and flows towards a suction bin. From the suction bin the cement is conveyed to the central convey unit by vacuum conveying. The convey unit subsequently discharges the cement to the ship loader situated on the quay by positive pressure conveying.

Ship loader

The ship loader is a dock mobile installation designed to pneumatically load cement carriers. the ship loader is hooked up to the cement carrier by a loading hopper mounted at the end of the ship loader arm. Cement is loaded directly onto the cement carrier. The conveying air is fed back towards the ship loader and dedusted by a dust collector mounted on its frame. Dust residue is recycled back to the cement carrier.


System data:

  • No. of feed points: 3
  • No. of reception points: 5
  • Design reclaim & conveying capacity:500 mtph

Silo & Reclaim floor data:

  • Silo capacity: 5.000 tons ea.
  • Silo diameter: 13 m
  • Reclaim floor type: 100% areated floor with single side discharge
  • Reclaim design capacity: 500 mtph per reclaim floor

Convey unit data:

  • Type: VACU/500/E
  • Convey length: max. 150 m
  • Conveying design capacity: 500 mtph

Ship loader data:

  • Type: VASL/500/E
  • Loading design capacity: 500 mtph