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Ship Unloaders

We supply high-capacity ship unloaders for dust-free unloading of barges and big ships, with capacities of up to 800 tons per hour. Our ship unloaders can be stationary installations, barge mounted, dock mobile or gantry mounted. Van Aalst Bulk Handling advises and designs the best solution for your specific situation. All installations are made to measure.

The unique features of our pneumatic ship unloaders:

  • Dust free unloading due to enclosed system
  • Unloading and discharging in one system - ship to storage
  • Low system wear by using pneumatic instead of mechanical means of transport (no moving parts)
  • Not susceptible to blocking by foreign matter compared to mechanical unloading systems

Dust free unloading

Van Aalst Bulk Handling Ship Unloaders are a hallmark for reliable and dust free ship unloading, from start to finish. From picking up the product in the ships hold till discharge at the storage facility the entire unloading process is enclosed, ensuring dust free operation.

Reliable performance

Our pneumatic ship unloaders use air to convey the product which requires few moving parts that come in contact with the product, resulting in low system wear. Contamination in the product is prevented from entering the system by using a protective screen at the suction nozzle, eliminating down-time due to blockages. Low wear and no down-time make Van Aalst’s pneumatic ship unloaders unmatched in terms of reliability and performance.

Your needs – our solution

Whatever your needs and local situation are, Van Aalst Bulk Handling can offer you the most suitable solution. Our pneumatic ship unloaders can be supplied in many different configurations, each having their own unique benefits. Van Aalst delivers it all.



When to use

Stationary ship unloader

Cost effective solution as no propulsion system is required

Limited space available on dock

Barges and ships can easily move alongside the dock

Dock mobile ship unloader

Ship unloader is free to move around the dock area and can be stored at a convenient location

Convey pipeline can be laid underneath the dock surface or removable piping sections can be used to keep the dock area free for other operations

Shared dock space

Dock must remain free of obstacles such as rails or conveyor belts

Gantry mounted ship unloader

Ideal for dedicated operations with available shore power

In case of existing rails, make use of existing infrastructure, saving investment costs

Dedicated jetty

Existing rails

Barge mounted ship unloader

Barge moves with the tide, minimizing required length of suction arm

Barge mounted ship unloader can be towed to multiple terminals for unloading operations

Large tidal differences

Multiple terminals with unloading operations

Road mobile ship unloader

Road legal, can be easily transported to various ports and terminals

One unloader to service multiple ports and terminals for unloading barges and ships up to 5.000 dwt



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