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Repeat order Van Aalst Ship Unloader for dust-free fly ash unloading and pneumatic transport to silos - All in one Machine!

Van Aalst Bulk Handling has won a contract to deliver a second ship unloader to one of the largest Cement Manufacturers in Bangladesh. The pneumatic ship unloader is designed to handle fly ash and is built to cope with the hot and humid conditions in Bangladesh.

The ship unloader is rail mounted and located on a jetty at the riverfront. Space is limited on the jetty, therefore we designed a gantry frame for the ship unloader so it can move over the existing conveyor belt. The unloader has a multiple kettle system with filter receiver and transfer kettles, ensuring a smooth continuous discharge process. The ship unloader unloads typical Bangladeshi river barges and conveys the fly ash to a storage silo over a distance of 350 meters.

Ship unloader data:

  • Type: VASS/2.500/150/E
  • Ship size: 2.500 dwt
  • Convey length: 350 m max.
  • Design capacity: 150 mtph

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Posted by Sybren van Dijk

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